About the Letter

We, the teachers at Cosgrove Middle School in Spencerport, NY, hereby demand transparency and accountability in the administration and scoring of the Grades 3-8 ELA and Math exams.  When teachers, parents, and the public cannot access the tests students are required to take, in their entirety, test-makers and policy-makers are not held accountable… READ THE LETTER TO SED

Rochester, NY, April 16, 2014 – More than 60 teachers at Spencerport’s Cosgrove Middle School have signed a petition calling for action by the NYS Commissioner of Education John King, Chancellor Meryl Tisch, and Governor Andrew Cuomo.  The petition takes issue specifically with this year’s ELA and Math tests for grades 3-8 characterizing the tests as “poorly written, developmentally inappropriate, deliberately confusing, and ambiguous.”  Additionally, the tests require students to complete tasks with insufficient time.

Commissioner King fired back at the Spencerport teachers with a letter and press release calling the tests “the best way to determine how all of our students are performing, as compared with other students in their school, their district and across the state.”  New York’s parents, teachers, and principals know the truth about these flawed tests.  We stand with Spencerport and applaud their courage to tell the truth about testing in New York.

Please sign the petition below to support the Spencerport teachers’ letter to NYSED, Commissioner King, Chancellor Tisch, and Governor Cuomo.  Signatories will have their name, school, and county published in future postings on this site. Emails will be kept confidential and are collected for verification purposes only.

Thank you.


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